Thank you donors!

Blue Springs City Theatre is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization whose future depends upon the support of our community, both financial and otherwise. We have numerous infrastructure needs that will ensure the continued viability of BSCT, including the upgrading of our lighting and sound equipment, the purchase of recording equipment to enable quality virtual performances, and the platforms where these performances will be streamed.

In part due to the current pandemic, and in part due to future building plans of the Blue Springs School District, we are also actively seeking a new venue where we can rehearse and perform. Unless designated otherwise, all donations will be used for these purposes.

Finally, BSCT strives to give back to our community. Beginning with the class of 2021, the Michelle Brown Scholarship will be available for graduating seniors who have been involved in one or more of our shows, to apply. Donors can also designate their gifts be applied to the scholarship program.

We invite you to be a donor!

 2020-2021 Donors

Patron Donor  $10-$49 donation

    • Cotter Brown
    • Greta Erhart
    • Rebekah Jackson
    • Karin Hacker
    • Kristen Henning
    • Jennifer Oswald
    • Lori Doran
    • Sara Alt
    • Donna Burge
    • Jena Hudson

Techie Donor  $50-$99 donation

    • James Defries
    • Linda Bird
    • Karen Shepherd – dedicated to Caleb Collins
    • David Fast – in memory of Norman Sawaya
    • Patricia Grasinski – in memory of Michelle Brown
    • Pam Meek
    • Pamela Gieseke-Becker

Chorus Donor  $100-$249 donation

    • Meghan McKinnon
    • Nancy and John Eppert
    • Jena Mahan
    • Kari Wiss
    • Jaclyn Collins
    • Dianna Hill
    • David Swant
    • Vickie Miller – in memory of Michelle Brown
    • Wendy Casebier

Leading Role Donor  $250 – $499 donation

    • Kemp Strickler

Director Donor  $500-$999 donation

    • Dwenah Tomlin – in memory of Brianna Shelton
    • Wind Shift Brewing
    • MOD Pizza, Blue Springs

Producer Donor  $1000+ donation

    • Kimberly Gamble
    • David Blackburn, DMD, MSD – dedicated to Families and Friends of Blue Springs City Theatre

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