Deck the Stage – Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Deck the Stage.  We had so many wonderful and talented people come out, but unfortunately were not able to cast everyone. If you were not cast, please consider auditioning again for one of our future shows (the 2019 season will be announced soon)!

For the cast, your first rehearsal will be Monday, October 1 at 7:00 pm.  Please arrive a few minutes early so we can begin right at 7:00.  We will begin with a short meeting for all cast and parents of youth cast members.  Scripts will be available at that time.  Each cast member needs to purchase a script, which will be theirs to keep.  Scripts are $5 each.  Please bring cash or a check made out to BSCT.

Finally, please send an email to to accept or decline your role no later than Monday, September 24.

Congratulations to everyone cast – and now the list….


Deck the Halls with Poison Ivy

CAROL – Nora McDaniel

CANDY – Brooklyn Fisk

KRIS – Evan Cartwright

MRS. TANENBAUM – Maddy Ainsworth


Still as Stone

Ben – Jackson Gavril

Shelley  – Kylee Harris



The Choir Committee

TARIEL – Debbie Thies

MARIEL – Alex Pierce

DARIEL – Mary Anne Haggerty

SARIEL – Aislinn Plumberg

ZARIEL – Karly Pierce



Leaping Kings

MELCHIOR – Michael Parker

GASPAR – Tanner McDaniel

BALTHASAR – Grant McDaniel

VOICE – Maddy Ainsworth


Ms. Meyermyer’s Shining Moment

MS. MEYERMYER – Jer McDermed

CAMERON  – Jackson Mowers

IRA – Kamryn Henderson

WINSTON – Ethan Fisk

PAMELA LEE  – Lily McDermed

RENATA  – Kylie Templeton

MARILO – Lucy Doran

EMILY – Lauren Downing

THE REST OF MS. MEYERMYERS CLASS (Some members of Ms. Meyermyers Class will be doubled in other roles – to be determined during rehearsals).

  • Nayeli Adams
  • Caleb Collins
  • Charlotte Doran
  • Emma Freeman
  • Quinton Gavril
  • Evan Johnson
  • Abi Kochay
  • Mackynzie Lawhon
  • Jackson Mowers
  • Kylie Templeton
  • Jackson Gavril
  • Kylee Harris



The Tree Monologues

Johan – Tyler Wiss

Hans  – Gunner Hill

Esther – Marin Heide

Asia – Maddy Johnson

Iris – Sadie Swinney


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