Call-back List for The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

Thank you to all who came out to audition.  We are very excited by all of the talent we have seen so far.  Some casting decisions have been made, but for others we need to see some of you again.  Please note that if you were not invited to the call-back, you may still be cast in the show.  It’s important that you look for the cast list that will be posted no later than Monday, January 15 at noon.  You should also note that getting a call-back does not guarantee  you will be cast in the show.  We will announce the cast list through the Facebook page, or you can check back directly on this website to look for it.

If you were invited to the call-back, please arrive by 7 pm tonight (Friday, Jan 12).  And, here’s the list:


Talia Araujo

Jessica Ball

Jaise Bardwell

Samarah Bardwell

Farrin Blair

Maya Campbell

Kloe Chambers

Caleb Collins

Karsen Dillon

Phoebe Dixon

Brooklyn Fisk

Emma Freeman

Jackson Gavril

Adalyn Gehring

Kaytlin Grider

Marin Heide

Jadyn Hervey

Gunner Hill

Evan Johnson

Maddy Johnson

Brooklyn Kannas

Gabrielle Loesch

Ava McCluer

Grant McDaniel

Nora McDaniel

Victoria McGuire

Michael Parker

Lydia Phillips

Aislinn Plumberg

Aubrey Rice

Sadie Swinney

Jordyn Taylor

Tyler Wiss

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