Call-Back List for Hello, Dolly!

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for Hello, Dolly! There was so much talent over the last two days, the decisions will be difficult.  The director would like those listed below to come to the call-back audition Monday night at the same location. If you were not called back, that does not mean you were not cast. Also, getting a call-back does not automatically mean you will be cast.   Please keep an eye out for the cast list which will be posted later in the week.

If you are called back for the parts of Ermengarde, Ambrose, Ernestina, Mrs. Rose, Judge, and Rudolph – your call back time is 6:30 until approximately 8:00 pm, although some of you may be done sooner than 8:00.

If you are called back for the parts of Cornelius, Barnaby, Minnie Fay, Irene, Horace, and Dolly – your call back time is 8:00 pm until approximately 9:30.

Some parts will need to prepare the songs listed for call-backs.  Click on the song title for a downloadable copy of the sheet music.

Songs to prepare:


Barnaby – Put on Your Sunday Clothes 1

Dolly – Before the Parade Passes By

Horace – It Takes a Woman 1

Irene – Ribbons Down My Back 1 It Only Takes a Moment 1

Cornelius – Put on Your Sunday Clothes 1 It Only Takes a Moment 1


Name Part
Maddie Ainsworth Ermengarde, Minnie Fay
Pete Berney Horace, Rudolph, Judge
Jacob Blegen Barnaby, Ambrose
Abbey Briscoe Minnie Fay
Michael Brown Horace, Rudolph, Cornelius
Wendy Buccheit Ernestina, Minnie Fay, Irene
Claire Campos Ermengarde, Minnie Fay
Emily Cain Irene
Diedre Chasten Ernestina, Mrs. Rose
Melissa Davis Irene
Danise Deckert Mrs. Rose
David Fast Horace
Heather Foose Ernestina, Minnie Faye, Irene
Julie Fox Dolly, Irene
Moe Graenser Barnaby, Cornelius, Ambrose
Savannah Justice Ermengarde
Ken Kasten Horace, Rudolph, Judge
Greg Lane Horace
Diana Leonard Dolly
Michelle Matherly Dolly
Julianna McCarroll Irene
Charlotte Melson Ernestina, Mrs. Rose
Matthew Moore Barnaby, Cornelius, Ambrose
Sariah Pinick Dolly, Irene
Tracy Pratt Dolly
Janet Price Dolly
Sharon Probst Ernestina, Mrs. Rose
Kevin Thomas Rudolph, Judge
Jeremy Trader Cornelius
Sydney Wade Ermengarde
Adarius Wells Cornelius
Jenni Wilson Irene
Ethan Zwibelman Barnaby, Ambrose


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